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   For the past five years I have been exploring an investigative method of working that integrates digital media, painting, and photographic image fragments for the purpose of deepening my concepts.  My process reflects that of puzzle building, where one visual component is connected to another to achieve a greater whole. The metaphorical figures I create make no reference to time, place or ethnicity, although my figures have been predominantly women. By isolating and reconfiguring multiple fragments from their sources, my paintings begin to take on a life all their own. To assimilate random parts, I often turn to hands-on painting.  Digital media and digital manipulation also assist me in my process. By examining the parallels and differences between subjects in our time and time past, I can explore ideas through multiple lenses. I strive for excellence and elegance at each stage in my search for heightened understanding.

     My experience with digital media began unexpectedly in 2009, when I went looking for more adaptive tools for teaching design. The prospect of incorporating anything digitally based into my studio practice seemed unthinkable. However, one day I experienced a eureka moment when recognizing the link between digital layering and the traditional layering used by painters. From that point forward, my approach to developing meaningful works changed forever. My process of constructing a new piece involves documentation and research, experimentation and reflection. I purposely disguise, yet intentionally reveal, the working methods that guide me on my journey.

     The images in my SPACES/PLACES series are inspired by my annual documentations of Ireland, which began in 2009.  In addition to working at my studio in Newton, Massachusetts, I have furthered my fictitious landscapes at two residencies in Ireland-- the Burren College of Art in County Claire and the Ballinglen Foundation for the Arts in County Mayo.  Just recently I was awarded a five-week Artist-in-Residence Fellowship by the Ballinglen Foundation, for the spring of 2016. 


Updated 10/14